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Occasionally you come across a player using a very unorthodox style, and you say:  How the heck can anyone play like that!  There are a few players in the club, for example, who have adopted a particularly bizarre strategy of retreating 15 feet from the table, hitting a few defensive shots and then creaming the ball while on the run toward the table.  These players are entertaining to watch (I can’t help laughing), but this whole enterprise is devoid of any brain engagement, and these guys usually lose to anyone hitting the ball back 3 times.

     But once in a while, there comes along that rare exception who is able to conquer using the most unconventional, oddball style.  This is what happened when Danny Seemiller became the US Nationals Singles champion 5 times using his eponymous grip (the Seemiller Grip) in the 70’s and 80’s.   Believe me, this grip is more than weird – it’s freaky.  It’s a strange thing to behold a guy hitting the forehand and backhand on the same side of the racket, but that’s what this is about.  Yet … he did it … and successfully. 

     Anyway, we’ll continue to emphasize a proper shakehand grip for our beginning Pongers.  This is the most popular grip used by the best players in the world. (Even Lao Du holds his sandpaper racket firmly this way … so no one can steal it!)

 Who Is Still On First

Some players do Seemiller.  I just don’t see him.  What about you?  Do you see Miller

No, I don’t see Miller, and my vision is 20/20.  Maybe he’s here?

MaybeMaybe is here?

Yes, Maybe is here.  He is here for Sure.

What is he doing for Sure?

I’m not Sure, how should I know? Who is with him.

Whom, I think you meanHe is with Whom.

Okay, he is with Whom, to do something  for Sure.

But where is Who?

Who is on first.

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