Parkinsons Day – April 11, 2021

Today we mark Parkinson’s Day in honor of James Parkinson who identified the disease over 200 years ago as we host the inaugural Parkinsons Virtual Reality Championship.

The Covid pandemic has truly changed our lives. In 2019, we had successfully concluded the first ever world table tennis championship for people with Parkinson’s disease (PD).

Since the establishment of PingPongParkinson®️ in 2017, we have been working to help the PD population through a novel, holistic rehabilitation approach that can address the needs of younger and less symptomatic individuals with parkinsons who are seeking a more active and enjoyable form of physical therapy.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we adapted by embracing virtual reality technology as part of a new rehabilitation program. We are hosting the inaugural Parkinsons VR Championships (VR PWTTC) today, on April ELEVEN 2021, as we commemorate World Parkinson’s Day. 

Covid19 changed our lives for better and for worse. Let’s go beyond social distancing & extend friendships around the globe – Nenad Bach, PingPongParkinson®️Founder.

The Parkinson’s Virtual Reality World Table Tennis Championships is a new tournament for players with Parkinson’s disease. It is the first-ever virtual reality parkinson’s world championships.

By supporting, participating or sharing about this event you are joining other people with Parkinson’s and VR enthusiasts to embrace a new normal post-covid-19, exploring together a new way to play table tennis, helping create awareness about Parkinsons and the possibilities of a more enjoyable life through play.

Humanity Above Winning

On April 6 this year, we joined the globe to celebrate the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSDP) and World Table Tennis Day. For IDSDP this year, we highlighted the positive impact of playing table tennis for people with parkinsons, as experienced by our community of players through this Humanity Above Winning film.

Since I restarted playing table tennis, I think I’m living my happiest life. You are a winner if you are a human first – Sunil Raghavan, ITTF Parkinsons World Table Tennis Championship Player.

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