Parkinsons Virtual Reality Championship Comes To An End

Parkinsons Virtual Reality Championship Final Match held on Eleven VR.

The Parkinsons Virtual Reality World Championship has come to an end with intense excitement and hope for future matches.

The Parkinson’s Virtual Reality World Table Tennis Championships is a new tournament for players with Parkinson’s disease, organized by PingPongParkinson® in collaboration with Eleven Table Tennis VR. It is the first-ever virtual reality parkinson’s world championships, coming after the successful inaugural ITTF Parkinson’s World Table Tennis Championships, held in 2019 in collaboration with the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) and International Table Tennis Federation Foundation (ITTF Foundation).

Gathering support from other PingPongParkinson® members in different country chapters and the founder Nenad Bach, our players and supporters have joined forces to embrace a new normal post-COVID-19. To explore together a new way to play table tennis and help create awareness about Parkinsons and the possibilities of a more enjoyable life through play.

Parkinson VR Championship, Gold Medalist 2021.

It’s possible to play table tennis with parkinson. Go do it, everyone can do it. This game has been wonderful.

Jesper Jerslund, Gold medalist

The championship was held from April 11th to April 22nd 2021 to commemorate World Parkinsons Day and raise awareness for Parkinsons Awareness Month with a total 105 games played. 15 players had registered for the tournament that was administrated by Andrew Cassy from the PingPongParkinson® UK chapter. The final match was between Denmark’s Jesper Jerslund and Germany’s Thosten Boomhuis. It was streamed live on Twitch with commentary from Alex Stievenart.


  • Gold medalist – Jesper Jerslund (Denmark)
  • Silver medalist – Thorsten Boomhuis (Germany)
  • Bronze medalists – Hamid Ezzart-Ahmadi (USA) and Erik Astrand (Sweden)

I congratulate all of the participants for fair play, friendships, kind words, and desire to help each other. Sport unites us in common humanity.

The world is better today than it was yesterday. Let’s continue with the Olympic sport of table tennis, real and virtual – one day these two may mix in a surprising way – Nenad Bach

” As one of the few women, and a newbie to the sport, I found everyone to be super-welcoming.  I look forward to practicing all year so that I wallop you all in the next tournament! ”

Jan Rose (USA)

” Well done everybody. Going forward I think we should try to recruit more women and hopefully in future we can run a ladies tournament. That said I’ve enjoyed playing all of you and would like to continue to do so ”

Joy Paul (Scotland) 

” What a great tournament, thank you for allowing me to be part of it and thank you Andrew Cassy for all your hard work and the incredible Nenad Bach for your energy, vision and passion in creating Ping Pong Parkinson… really hope we can see you in August ”

Paul Nichols (England)

As part of a new rehabilitation program, the virtual reality championship has shown us what can be possible if we embrace innovation. We would like to thank Eleven Table Tennis VR, and everyone who participated in the championship.

We are all champions!

Andrew Cassy, Parkinsons VR Championship Administrator
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