Parkinson’s Virtual Reality World Table Tennis Championships (VR PWTTC) 2021.

Registration for entries to play at the first ever virtual reality world championships for people with parkinsons are now open.

This inaugural tournament falls on APRIL ELEVEN 2021, a day that commemorates World Parkinson’s Day, and in honor of James Parkinson who identified the disease over 200years ago. 

Registration is through this online application form until the closing date, April 4th 2021.

PingPongParkinson®️ (PPP) is the only table tennis organizer worldwide that organizes table tennis tournaments specifically for people with a parkinson’s diagnosis. The VR tournament is part of a new rehabilitation program that has grown in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our unique program model was established to improve PD symptoms through an engaging, novel, and fun rehabilitative method- table tennis, and working to reach out to those individuals with parkinsons who are physically still able to engage in more active methods.

Ping pong is a socially inclusive activity that provides social support networks, something that has been shown to improve quality of life in PD. The growing interest in virtual table tennis for over 17years now has led to developments in gaming technology with the potential to feed into research and digital therapeutics.

The VR championships will be held online using the ELEVEN Table Tennis VR platform. Participants will need to make sure that they have setup an Oculus account and acquired a virtual reality headset.

We are committed to growing this mission to help the parkinsons community through novel, holistic, rehabilitative approaches which can address the needs of younger and less symptomatic individuals with PD who are seeking a more active and enjoyable form of physical therapy.

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We are not only playing for us – we are playing for 10million people with Parkinson’s.

Nenad Bach, PingPongParkinson®️ Founder
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